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THEpitch presents Bankrupt Billionaires @ the Old Museum

Wow. What a night that was. The peeps at THEpitch sure know how to throw a party. 3D glasses on entry with 3D imagery on 11 massive LED panels hanging from the Old Museum. Audibly and visually this was easily the best produced local gig I’ve been to. The sound was spot on, visuals were awesome, videographers and photographers were everywhere, I’m hanging out to see some of the video. I was watching the cameraman on the boom and he was getting some great shots over Sunny’s head. Can’t believe the footage coming from such a small lens!

The lighting was crazy to shoot stills in although it made for excellent frames. So much colour and by far the most light on stage I’ve experienced in a while. ISO1000 at a gig… BEAUTIFUL. Most were a bit higher but none of this ISO6400 type business!

As for the Bankrupt Billionaires, absolutely spot on. They gave us the hit of soul we’ve come to expect from them. As always, the boys from The Optimen were there to provide the beats, special guest and local music king Dave Atkins (Resin Dogs etc etc) on the skins and Hannah of MKO on vocals. Kel of course up front doing her usual thing, wowing the pants off a crowd. There are a lot more images than I usually post but I couldn’t keep culling!

Before you look through the pics, a big thank you to the crew at THEpitch for letting all the shooters do their thing. They could’ve banned it because they were filming but they were awesome and I know the other shoots would appreciate it too. Cheers boys. Like THEpitch’s Facebook page and stay in touch with their next project. I’ll be there!

Album cover for Self​-​titled EP by Bankrupt Billionaires


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