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Gossling @ Alhambra

Harvest of Gold Tour, November ’13

I was lucky enough to shoot at Gossling’s album launch tour in Brisbane (thanks Laura!) after only just hearing some of her wares on Triple J. It only took one listen and I was in. Loved her vocals so I was rapt to be able to get along to Alhambra and shoot. Take a minute to check out her tunes… The Js are featuring her album this week which is an unreal platform for Aussie artists. If you go to her site you can even create your own custom album cover for her record ‘Harvest of Gold’ like this clown did:

Harvest of Gold - Alternative Cover


It can’t be better than one signed by Gossling herself!

So yeah, click on this link below, buy her album, chuck it on, dance around a wee bit and tell a mate.

   Gossling’s Official Site – Get a physical copy of the CD… looks great

Back to the gig… Of course she brought some friends to support her. When I rocked up local Brissie act Little Scout were playing and the boys from Whitaker also played. It was a really good vibe in an intimate venue and surprisingly the first time I had seen live music in Alhambra. The sound was tight but the lighting was tricky to shoot in. Overall not bad considering what else goes down in the Valley.

On to the pictures.

Before we go… for the camera nerds:

  • Body: Canon 1D MkIV
  • Lens: Canon 70-200mm f2.8 L IS
  • Mostly shot at ISO 4000 in time priority due to the changing & flashing lights
  • I’m sorry Manual enthusiasts

And away we go…

Little Scout

Didn’t get to catch a lot of these guys unfortunately. Just enough to get the exposure ok and jag a couple of sneaky shots.

Melissa of Little Scout
Melissa of Little Scout going for it.
Melissa of Little Scout
Melissa of Little Scout


The main course. I thought some of the guys at the front were going to throw their gruds on stage they were that excited.

Gossling on the keyboard
Gossling – Loving the red & blue light
Gossling on the keyboard
Gossling – When timed correctly you could sometimes get non-coloured light (racist)
Gossling on the guitar
Gossling – Guitar now… what can’t she do?!
Gossling smiling with the guitar
Gossling – If this singing thing doesn’t work out she’s got the height to model! And she’s easy on the eye, that helps. Can’t have some Yao Ming looking model on a catwalk.
Gossling on the keyboard
Gossling – It was easy to catch myself listening instead of shooting!
Gossling going for it and playing the keyboard
Gossling – The bigger notes.
Gossling on the keyboard
Gossling – And the softer ones.
Gossling on the keyboard
Gossling singing. Love the light here too. Prob my fave shot.
Gossling smiling playing keys
Gossling with that grin
Gossling singing and playing keys
Gossling in some decent light… hurrah!
Gossling singing and playing keys
Gossling singing – Over the kit!
Gossling singing
Gossling going large
Gossling singing
Gossling working those unique tones
Drummer from Whitaker???
Gossling keyboard close-up
Close up of Gossling on the keys.
Bass player
Bassist from Whitaker???
Gossling smiling
Gossling… dat smile.

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