Hailey Calvert singing © 2014 . All rights reserved.

Hailey Calvert @ Dowse Bar

I had never seen live music at Dowse so I was looking forward to dragging the boys along to this and grab a few frames of course. We’re all fans of Hailey’s music and it had been a while since seeing her play. It was pouring outside so luckily we were tucked away in the cosy Dowse Bar. Everything sounded fantastic but like everywhere in Brisbane it was dark to shoot. For the camera nerds I was bouncing between ISO4000 and ISO5000. I had to ditch the 70-200 for the 24-70 as the room was quite small and I really didn’t have enough light to shoot at longer lengths.

For the uninitiated, check Hailey Calvert out at the links below.

Here are my picks from the night though. I hope you enjoy them!

Hailey Calvert smiling
Always happy!
Hailey Calvert singing
Into it!
Hailey Calvert getting applause
A round of applause was due
Hailey Calvert singing
Up close
Hailey Calvert singing
That singing face
Hailey Calvert singing
Backup arrives
Hailey Calvert singing
Loving this
Hailey Calvert playing guitar
Bit ‘o backlight
Hailey Calvert singing
Very warmly lit room while it’s pouring outside
Hailey Calvert singing
Over the couch
Hailey Calvert with friends
Hailey inspecting pics with friends


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