Sharnee Tones Headshots

Sharnee Tones © 2014 . All rights reserved.

Got the pleasure of shooting headshots for Brisbane actor Sharnee Tones. A tonne of fun, we ripped through a heap of shots and it became apparent the culling process could take some time. A natural in front of the lens … Continue reading

Kaitlyn Hoppe

Kaitlyn Feature © 2013 . All rights reserved.

So recently I had the pleasure of shooting headshots for local Brisbane actor Kaitlyn Hoppe. I’ve had a bit of luck with Brissie actors recently and this wasn’t an exception. Kaitlyn came prepared and we got into it straight away. … Continue reading

Jade Prechelt

JadeFeature © 2013 . All rights reserved.

Recently I had the pleasure of shooting new headshots for Brisbane actor Jade Prechelt. I think you’ll agree we got some pretty good frames out of the session. Should you be running your eyes over these pictures and you have … Continue reading

November ’12 Headshots

Sarah Clarke © 2012 . All rights reserved.

This was a really fun headshot shoot with the SBIT actors. Multiple outfits for everyone and people chasing different images which made the shoot a good laugh. We got some great images for the girls on the days and they’re … Continue reading

Makeup Shoot

Deep glossy lips © 2012 . All rights reserved.

So this was my first attempt at capturing makeup. My sister from another mother, Lindsay, has an obsession with makeup and is looking at doing some MUA work on the side. If someone needs their face did just holla, I’ll … Continue reading

Mo’ Headshots!

f/7.1, 1/200 sec, at 70mm, 100 ISO, on a Canon EOS-1D Mark IV © 2012 . All rights reserved.

For something different I thought I’d take some headshots of a few up and coming Brisbane actors. Thanks for coming a long cats, I really enjoyed working with you all. To everyone else, I’ve linked to the StarNow profiles for … Continue reading

Profile shots for the SBIT crew

AI1K7717-2 © 2012 . All rights reserved.

Another shoot for the crew at SBIT. This time they wanted something a little different to the usual headshots so we’ve gone with something a little more posed. Off to the Valley we went and grabbed a few frames with … Continue reading

Amie – Later that afternoon

f/2.8, 1/500 sec, at 70mm, 200 ISO, on a Canon EOS-1D Mark IV © 2012 . All rights reserved.

After shooting Amie outside the abandoned photo shop we drove up the road to the Boggo Rd markets and decided to take a few frames around the jail walls. There’s some interesting locations so definitely worth a look if you’re … Continue reading

Get your head shot!

f/8, 1/250 sec, at 43mm, 100 ISO, on a Canon EOS-1D Mark IV © 2012 . All rights reserved.

Recently I shot a heap of headshots for the up-and-comers from Southbank Institute of TAFE. It was a fun night and we ended up doing natural light shots for those who were interested. I think we got some good frames … Continue reading


Amie © 2012 . All rights reserved.

Vintage Pt. 1 After talking about shooting at this old photo shop our wonderful model Amie threw her hand up to help out. She has a fantastic look which really suited what we were trying to do, she was hard … Continue reading

On the rocks

On the rocks © 2011 . All rights reserved.

She’s got that look. Cracking day at Currumbin and we tee’d up on some rocks for a bit of texture. Bit of high contrast B&W and away we go.

How about them jeans?!

Model in jeans. That's pretty much it. © 2011 . All rights reserved.

After a long day shooting with this model we tee'd up for a last shot she had in mind during the planning stages. Nailed it.

Summer night

Britt © 2011 . All rights reserved.

When things finally cooled down in the afternoon we jagged a couple of quick pictures with the sun falling behind the horizon in the background. Love a sneaky frame or two before leaving!


Model with the sea and buildings in the background © 2011 . All rights reserved.

The end to a beautiful day in Currumbin Beach. This almost haunting image was captured at sunset with a small gold reflector to balance the model out.