I price each of my client’s jobs based on their exact requirements. This ensures you only pay for images you require. I like to set out our goals before you hop in front of the camera so we’re both on the same page and you can get as many good pictures as possible out of your session whether that be a wedding or a headshot session. Below I’ve tried to list my rates for the most common types of work I take on.


My basic headshot session is $150. I’m happy to discuss group rates with you if you have more than five people attending a session. Please note that having more people at a session may impact your time in front of the camera but the upside is I’m able to offer the session at a reduced cost.

What you get

At the end of your session, I will email you all usable frames for you to select five images for digital delivery. Your frames receive a basic retouch and colour correction. All post production is natural but should you require a full retouch I can put you in contact with retouchers I have used in the past. Once completed your files will be zipped and sent to you through WeTransfer.

If you can’t narrow it down to five images and would like more that’s fine and it happens all the time. The charge per extra image is only $10.

Outdoor shoots

For those looking for some shots in natural light or if you have a location you’d love to shoot in I’m equipped to do outdoor shoots as well. Outdoor shoots are also good to get a bit of variation in your portfolio. Cost for outdoor shoots is a little higher due to the extra time involved and they start at $200 for the same end product as mentioned above. This is for locations close the CBD but I have shot outside of Brisbane just get in touch for a more accurate idea of cost.


One of my favourite things to shoot as you’ve probably seen! I love shooting bands. My gig package is $200 to photograph your set. Since Brisbane venues vary wildly in their ability to light a stage for photographers please get in touch with me with your gig details. Sometimes I’ll recommend waiting until you’re at certain venues to ensure we get some good pictures. As good as my camera body is some stages in Brisbane are too dark to get acceptable images. Back-to-back set rates can be arranged if two bands/artists are interested in getting pictures. Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

What you get

I provide all acceptable images. Due to most gigs occurring in sub-optimal light I will select all images which are sharp and well exposed. Usual yield would be somewhere around 15-20 images. All selected images go through post production and are digitally delivered through WeTransfer.

All other work

Please contact me for a quote. I’m very keen to work with you to produce some great pictures.

My equipment

Canon 1D Mk IVAll shots are taken with a Canon 1D Mark IV. This is a professional 16.1 mega pixel digital SLR used by professionals around the world.

As for the glass you’re in front of, I mainly use three different lenses, a Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L, a 70-200mm f/2.8L and an 85mm f/1.8. All are professional pieces of glass and the ‘L’ in the name means that lens is part of Canon’s L Series of lenses. They are the pinnacle of Canon’s lenses and are identified by the distinctive red ring on the barrel.

Alien BeesThe studio lights I use are by Alien Bees. They are a small American company who produce brilliant quality, reliable & consistent lights which are very straightforward. Analog adjustment from full power down to 1/32nd of the total output. Great for giving soft controllable light with enough pop to light larger objects or balance direct sunlight. I use this for all headshot sessions and all we need is a powerpoint to hook up to and we’re away.

On top of that I do have on camera flash for corporate function or staff function photography where portability is important. Plain backgrounds can also be provided but please contact me with any special requirements.


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